Let's go!


I am going on an adventure!


My day started with an very early flight from Hanover, over London (where I of course ate a Chrunchie) and a ten hours flight from there to LAX. I wanted to watch a lot of movies but was so tired that I slept almost all oft the flight-time... damn it! But I arrived safely and after hours of security checks at the American airport (like if anyone with a bomb would actually tell them) I was finally able to meet Jens and is wonderful family. My brain was working really slow and all of the sudden it was summer again so I needed some time to settle in...


I live with Sossie, an artist and I think I am gonna write more about her later.

But I have a nice room, a private bathroom and Wlan and that is all I need.



After having dinner with Jens, Nicole and litte Jenson I fell into my bed and slept for about 14 hours!







Just a quick update:


Trying to settle in, enjoying the sunny weather cruising around with my bike and spending time with Jens and his family.



My daily bike-ride:







On Sunday it was bbq-time with the Lucking Family and some of their friends. Luckily there are some more veggies here and we had some great yummy stuff to eat like filled mushrooms, veggie burgers, different salads and grilled vegetables. It was quite a hot day, with the heatwave still going strong but hey what can I say – I am not complaining at all! It was a wonderful time, just perfect to settle in here in sunny California.


After the kids were in bed we watched some fun SNL-sketches and did some girl-talk until it was bedtime... which is still quite early here... guess I am still adjusting to the time difference. 




Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson



I am sorry that I have to use this phrase but it is just so fitting to my momentarily feeling – so here it comes - “OMG” I saw the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Zooey Deschanel!!! Yeah! Yes I still can't believe it!


I went to go see his show with the lovely Natasha and we had such a great time. We were around 150 people from all over the world in quite a small studio (yes Desi it is the one we always see on TV) and it was kind of smaller than I expected. You sit really close to everything and have a good overview. I saw Secretariat (yeah) and Goeff (yeah) and after a typical warm-up I saw Craig Ferguson!! I think I still haven't really processed it yet... but I smiled like hell when he finally came out!

Zooey Deschanel, the other guy who was a guest, Craig's jokes about Germans... oh it was exciting. I might try going there again. It was so much fun and went by so quickly! I can't believe they just tape it like that – that quickly – with the commercial breaks in it and then it's done.


Afterwards Natasha and me went to the Grove a delightful and famous shopping area with a food market where we had some food and yummy French Eclaires for our sweet tooth. The Grove looked really nice and cosy when the sun set with all the little lights in the trees and small shops. It's a little bit like a stylish open shopping mall.


You can see the Video if you scroll down a bit.

Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take any pictures – so faked some :-)



And now – good night!





Love me some All Bran Muffins with Blueberries :-)





I decided to walk to work the other day... and well it took a lot longer than with the bike! But I enjoyed the sun and took some pictures and maybe even sneaked in some ice-cream at some point. Oh and the Whole Food Markets make me go crazy – I could seriously live in there. It all looks so amazing, is healthy, looks great and is organic! It's veggie-heaven! It just is really expensive and makes me wish I could just be super rich and spend all my money on great food :-)


At work we decided to turn one of Jens's ideas into a picture and cruised around a little bit with his great ride. We found a sunny rooftop and took some photos. I will show you the result in a couple of days. His dog Jackson had some fun time with us up there as well.



Oh and in the pictures you can actually see a hummingbird! Will try to photograph one a little better next time – but they are so damn quick.


And Happy Birthday to my dog - who turn 15 today - the old lady!




(C) Jens Lucking



Last week's project – In case you were wondering what I am doing over here :-)




Evening with Sossie and her kids + Art Opening


This day I spend with Sossie and her kids Brook and Noah. We did some shopping on 3rd Street Promenade a street full of shops without cars going through. It is a special thing for L.A. but something we are quite used to and still there are some nice shops and I will probably go there more often again. Sossie showed me some nice shopping opportunities and then we met the kids again to have dinner at a food court. I tried to get Udon-noodles but they are just never as good as the ones from Wagamama :-)


Afterwards we went to an Art Opening in the Santa Monica Art Studios. Sossie used to have a studio there for her work but hadn't been there the past couple of years. So she was in her element and very happy to meet her old folks again. It was nice to see how glooming she was. Noah really liked the chocolate each artist offers – and I did too. It was really nice to be there and very interesting as well. Some the art was... well quite artsy and I guess everyone has to find what he or she likes. It is just interesting what people come up with like human-size-statues with chandeliers on top, half-finished paintings or pictures painted with the fire of a match... but I also saw some amazing paintings that I loves from Lola Del Fresno. The Spanish painter creates wonderfully soft portraits and pictures where she combines sketches with soft colour. I really liked it. It had an water colour and vintage touch to it and was just perfect for portraits or natural pictures.



For more paintings go to: http://www.loladelfresno.com/ and you will see what I mean.




Wonderful Sunday in the O.C. And Laguna Beach


Last Sunday started of with an early morning pick-up by Jen's, Nicole and little Jensen to drive all the way to Orange County (also otherwise knows as the O.C.) After an hour ride we started of the day being invited to join the birthday girl Connie at a yoga class, outside in the park and the morning sun. I am not really a pro doing yoga, especially with my arms but it was relaxing and training at the same time. Kicking of the day like that was really nice.


After the yoga-session we drove home to Connie's place and yes she has the prettiest car I have ever seen. A light blue beauty! Take look at the pictures to get what I mean! It was the first car I would really like to have! At Connie's house we prepared a brush with some amazingly yummy stuff – and to my delight nor only normal banana-bread but also choco-banana-bread! Yes! It was really yummy and all of Connies friends, family and kids were there. So I stuffed in 4 slices of banana-bread, quiche and fruit until they brought out the birthday cake!! Oh no... it was a cake called “Très Leche” aka 3-milk-cake and I am gonna make it for you people in Germany when I come back If I come back) and you will love it! It was so soft and creamy like vanilla ice-cream! Absolutely delicious!

The kids then showed us their pet – a snake!

We all touched it and it was incredible cool. Jensen was so incredible brave putting it around his shoulders and even letting it go through his shirt. He loved it!


Stuffed and happy we decided to take a ride trough Laguna Beach while Jensen was asleep. Laguna Beach has some really nice beaches, seams pretty clean with it's little shops and rich people's houses. People already decorated for Halloween and I loved it. We drove through Jens and Nicole's old neighbourhood to a lookout and well had a look out over the surrounding area. It really felt nice to be there.

We then drove to the beach and had a drink in a café before making our way to some German friends who invited us (what else could it be) a barbecue. They were really welcoming and had a lovely daughter. Jensen and her played around while we had some great burgers and talked till it was dark and we had to drive home.


The O.C. and Laguna were pretty much how you'd expect American cities to look like but they also give you a really nice and safe feeling because they are just a little but like a small town close to the big city.



A big thank you to all the amazing friends from Nicole and Jens who welcomed me with such open arms – it was really nice meeting you!




My room. Bed, TV, Bathroom, Fridge, Window, Cupboards, Table = all I need!






Oh well what can I say – I really like it here in L.A.


This Saturday Sheldon (My friend and neighbour) and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Yes you heard right – it's a graveyard. The one that the most hollywood of all Hollywood people are buried at. Like Marilyn, Hitchcock and so many more. And in the middle of all - this people gather around on blankets, have a picnic and watch a movie. Perfect.


The weather, the mood, the lights – everything was perfect. Locals, not too many tourists and an interesting and fun mix of people. And the cherry on top? Guess who the DJ was for that night? Who is the only celebrity I ever had a crush on :-D Right! Elijah Wood!

And he was right there with us, no bodyguards, no bars – no just right there playing a mix of Electronic and 80/90's music. It sounded really good. To be fair he wasn't the only DJ, his friend and DJ-partner Turquoise Wisdom was there and together they were Wisdom Wood.


It was an amazing night, to walk around on the cemetery, meet all the fun people, picnic right in the middle of it all and then cuddle up to watch “An American Werewolf in London”. A hilarious Horrormovie that nowadays seams quite funny. The special effects, the story – no one would turn something like that into a movie today. And right when I thought the cliffhanger was gonna come it ended! Haha.


After the movie we had our photo taken in the photo-booth and danced along to Elijah's tunes until the party stopped and everyone went home.


I was so happy and not at all tired because it was a full moon!! And the full moon didn't let me sleep... it made me become a Werewolf and made me “Ouuuuuuuuuu” to the moon!!





Sorry for the craziness but I was just so happy!





Pumpkin Patch


When Nicole and Jens told me we were going to a pumpkin patch I didn't expect we'd end up somewhere behind Malibu and Thousand Oaks at a huge pumpkin farm with hundreds of different pumpkins, farm animals and plenty of things to explore. It was also kind of a playground/fair for kids – a farm fair.


We met with some friends, walked around, watched the kids play and picked some pumpkins to take home with us.


A wonderful sunny autumn day that ended with a yummy lunch in Malibu.



Thanks again to the Lucking-Family for taking me with you all the time!





Just to show you that weird people are over here too:


Conversation with Chuck:

(Guy living here as well)



I am cooking in the kitchen, just cleaned up a little bit, but there were a lot of dirty dishes from Chuck from the other days.



Me: Hey

Him: Hey


He finally after days with a messy kitchen starts to do some dishes. But doesn't realise that I am just cooking there right now.

To not just stand around I try to do some conversation. Because we both live here and we haven't talked much.


Me: So what did you do today?

Him: Work.

Me: What do you work?

Him: Erm... I'm tired.

Me: Oh all right.

Standing next to him not knowing what to do.

Him: I work really hard.

Me: Oh yeah I understand and then you just wanna come home and relax.

He: Yeah just come home and fuck the dog!

Me: What? What did you say? (Laughing)

Him: Fuck the dog real hard. He likes that.

Me: …

Not even trying to laugh and can't hide my face frozen in shock so I just leave the kitchen until my pasta is finished.


When I come back he is gone and most of his dirty plates are still in the sink!



??  WTF :-) ??



 James is here!


Who is James?

An awesome Canadian I met back in 2010 in Australia. We only spend one day together but we just clicked! We kind of share a lot of similarities! And because I love Canadians we became friends instantly. We kept in contact for all the time via fb and when he heard I was coming to LA, he didn't hesitate and just came by to visit me for a couple of days.


So what did we do?



Day 1:


The night before James arrived late in the evening and we chatted for some time – we had 4 years of catching up to do.

We both agreed how surreal it it, that we meet again after all this years!


We spend the whole first day atUniversal Studios

It was crazy amazing!


The food was soo yummy – love warm cinnamon-buns with cream.

The Tram-ride was fantastic – you drive through all these movie-sets from King Kong, Jurassic Park and different TV-Series.

It was very interesting and you James and I dreamed about being actors!

The time passed so quickly we couldn't believe it.

We were chosen to be a part of the “Special Effects-Show” - that was cool!

I couldn't take any pictures – that was not so cool – but hey we were in it! They fake-cut my arm and blood spilled out all over the table and I screamed as loud as I could...

James had to dress up as an astronaut and fool the audience...

It was hard not to be able to take any pictures but we got some afterwards with the crew.



After Universal Studios we went right back in for the Halloween Horror Night!


Scary and freaking amazing!

You walk through mazes with real life actors dressed up as zombies, clowns, Chucky, mummies, dead people...


It was like walking through a horror movie – I loved it! I screamed a lot!


Take a look at the trailer here:




At the beginning we were lucky because we got an early admission, so the first lines were really short, but later the lines were sooo long, you had to wait for somewhat about 30 minutes or more to get into one attraction that only lasted for a few minutes

But the attractions were worth it (most of the times) but they shouldn't let so many people in!


It was such an amazing day – we met crazy people – had the best food and scariest experiences

and in the end were super exhausted and fell right into bed!




Day 2:


Our plan was to do the hike to the Hollywood-Sign

We realised that we were not only unprepared for it, we were also too exhausted from the day before

– so we decided to skip it and do a Sightseeing-Tour instead.


Happy to sit for two hours we drove all the way from Hollywood Blvd, on Mulholland Drive,

through the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Managed to see the Hollywood-Sign from afar

Enjoyed the moody views from the Hills because of the fog and smog and the wonderful 6 o'clock sun.


The area was really nice, even though I much prefer Venice Beach – up there in Hollywood it just seams so big and dirty and loud and down here, it's more the small town in the big city :-)


We saw a lot of stars homes and it was a little odd – it was interesting and disturbing at the very same time! Some of this millions-of-dollar-houses were just incredible but then all they do is live right to other stars. Miles away from their huge house is another house with another star and all they can do is drive to friends and neighbours. I prefer having neighbours, who can borrow you eggs and milk... all they can do is built their own playgrounds or send the kids over to other stars homes to play. And even then they would need to drive 'cause the next property is so far away.

It feels a bit lonely up there. Oh and for those who never ever want to see normal people they even have their own shopping area, only for them, with their own Starbucks – crazy!


The house that impressed me the most was a wonderful modern building right on top of everything – it was Charlize Theron's home. Incredible. It looked really amazing and felt a bit like she was the queen above everything.


What I liked best about that day was the nice views and just driving around in the Californian sun...



Afterwards we walked down the Walk of Fame and tried to find some we liked, looked around at Hollywood Blvd and were forced to do photos with strangers dressed up as Superman, Spiderman or else...




Day 3:


Warner Bros VIP-Tour


Because James and me are such Film-fanatics we decided to do another movie tour.

Warner Bros is home of a lot of well known movies like the new Superman, Harry Potter, Batman and TV-series like Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars and many more!

At the tour we met Erika – beautiful 19-year old Italian, she's here for 3 month, improving her English and learning to act – you will probably see more of her!


The tour was really nice, we drove around, saw some of the good old sets from Gilmore Girls that are now used for Hart of Dixie or Pretty Little Liars. We saw a couple of pros, like cars and stuff and also the different apartments like the Art Department and many more.

We were lucky it was a Saturday so we could go see everything because noone was filming.

James and I agreed we loved the atmosphere and lost ourselves in wishing we could just go to work on a movie set there. All the trailers made it look such a nice work.


One of the best things was the museum with clothes, props and more from all the movies – like Harry Potters wand, the Superman-suit or goblin-feet – but we weren't allowed to take any pictures? Why? I don't know – I hated it!


But it was a nice day again and it was nice to meet Erika!


We spend the evening with Sheldon walking down Santa Monica, relaxing at the Pier... when all of the sudden – just when we wanted to do a group-picture – two people came up to us and asked us if we were the people from the Universal Studios-Show! :-D How cool was that – we were stars – they recognised us :-) I'm gonna have my breakthrough here! :-)


We ended the day with a pizza-party and horror-movies!



Thank you James – it was such a nice time!!!




Walk to Cure Diabetes!


Last Sunday we had the honer to join the King-Family for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Jenson's friend Jonah has type 1 diabetes for half of his life now and he's only 4 years old.


Read more about him and his mother here


It was nice to be able to be a part of this and see the lovely bound between mother and son and how she fights for him!


I hope they reach their goal and raise the rest oft the money!



Let's make diabetes extinct!



Everything organic – everything yummy – everything beautiful!


Farmers Market in Santa Monica.


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