Nora's Adventures: Next chapter



Here I go again!


To find out more click the picture above.


I will update the side with some pictures and adventures I had on my new trip to L.A., Venice Beach.


I will work with the Photographer Jens Lucking and who knows what the next two month will bring. I am already very excited – maybe even a little scared right now... as I soon have to leave for this new adventure.


Hope to hear from you all soon







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    Hannah (Wednesday, 02 October 2013 09:15)

    Ahhh, Nora! Jetzt bist du schon unterwegs! Wie schön, dass du vorhast regelmäßig hier ein bisschen zu berichten. Ich werde dir folgen, harr harr! ;)
    Hab eine gute Zeit!!

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    nora-berg-photography (Saturday, 05 October 2013 05:51)

    da freue ich mich aber liebe hannah!! :-)